Faroe Islands Postal History Research

Following are covers that I am still researching. I would welcome any information that you might have on these. If you know anything about the following item(s), I'd really appreciate it if you would please contact me at the following address: noer at noer.com
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Cover to Ship Upfranked with Danish perfin stamp

2 kr cover
upfranked with 10 ore

This cover was sent in Nov 1975 from Klaksvik to a Danish ship "Maersk Supplier" had an additional 10 ore stamp (with Maersk perfin) applied and postmarked in Copenhagen.

Can anyone explain the need for this? The 2 kr rate also doesn't make sense looking at my Faroe rate tables but this cover looks legit to me...

The current hypothesis is that the high/extra franking was required as the price for a forwarded air mail letter to a new destination outside Denmark (when reposted in Denmark). Ideally there would be a forwarding label to explain the addition of the 10 ore stamp. This is going to take more research...

Bergen Paquebot Handstamps

1915 Bergen
Paquebot cover 1927 Bergen
Paquebot cover 1936 Bergen
Paquebot cover

These are new Paquebot marks used on Faroes mail not listed in Daka GF10 2000. I identified these using Hosking's book "Paquebot Cancellations of the World" (2000 edition):